insπre Core

Exploring Mathematics through Robotics

  • Stacy Hill

    Stacy Hill

    Red Bank High School

insπre Core: Exploring possibilities in mathematics through the creation of a cohesive, combined, mobile and scalable Mathematics and Robotics curriculum. insπre Core will consist of a combination of high school mathematics 2and robotics curriculum, with the end goal being a hands-on experience for students and stakeholders within the classroom. Currently, students work in mathematics classrooms with few hands-on activities. To students, mathematics is a subject that may be difficult to understand based on the somewhat theoretical content, and seemingly few real-world applications to complex equations. As teachers, we hear over and over again, "When will I ever use this?" Through insπre Core, we want students to use what they have learned immediately through hands on robotics logic programming, AI interface development, and practical robotics applications for real world problems.