Increasing Accessibility for Success

Meeting the Community's Needs at School

  • Amanda Edens

    Amanda Edens

    East Side Elementary School

Students and families at East Side lack access to many critical resources--we want to fix that! Nearly everyone has heard about the negative effect poverty has on student opportunity and success. East Side already has or is planning several initiatives to counter these negative effects. This project aims to further level the playing field for our students and their families. The vision is to turn East Side into a safe learning space not just for K-5 students, but also for their families. With a student population largely comprised of Latino/a students, language barriers exist for parents in nearly all areas. We want to lay the groundwork for programs such as adult ESL classes, parenting classes, legal rights classes, information on available social services and job training, "homework 101" classes - as many resources as possible to help our students and their families not just survive, but thrive, in Chattanooga.