Tell us about your project or idea!  

Applications are now open for Teacherpreneur 2018!  We're not looking for polished business plans or grant applications - we're looking for good ideas and passionate educators (or teams of educators) who want to make those ideas real.  

The Teacherpreneur Incubator is open to all Hamilton County classroom educators, counselors, media specialists and coaches, and applications for this year will close at 11.59pm on May 15th.  

Questions?  We can help!   Contact Kate Skonberg at [email protected] or 423.648.4444.

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Announcing Teacherpreneur 4.0!

After a selective judging process, PEF and HCDE are pleased to announce that 20 innovative ideas from 25 enterprising educators representing a diverse group of 18 elementary, middle and high schools in Hamilton County have been selected for inclusion in this year’s Teacherpreneur Incubator.


The Teacherpreneur Incubator was designed to provide support, time and resources for educators to incubate big ideas and execute them in the best interests of their students, their profession and the community. Selected Teacherpreneurs will spend the summer honing their ideas, collaborating with partners from our entrepreneurial and education communities, before taking part in the 48Hour Launch (July 28-30th) and pitching their ideas to the community on Sunday, July 30th.


This year’s Incubator boats a wide scope of proposed projects, including:

  • A digital badging and microcredentialing platform for teacher professional development.

  • A program building connections between elementary students and elders in long-term care through computer science, art and music.

  • A pilot focused on integrating restorative disciplinary practices, reducing suspensions and building relationships.

  • An app making keeping track of vital student information easier during field trips.

  • A student-designed and -built drone racing obstacle course for Hamilton County.


From community-wide programs to revolutionary classroom reinventions, and from low tech to gigabit-enabled, there are a lot of big ideas from this year’s cohort. The educators invited are:


  • Beth Wilson (Red Bank Elementary)

  • Chris Cooper (Ooltewah Middle School)

  • Colby Williams (East Hamilton High School)

  • Dan Basler (Lookout Valley Middle/High School)

  • Danielle Morgan Hooper (Central High School)

  • Emily Halbert (Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy)

  • Erica Walker (Calvin Donaldson Elementary)

  • John Cunningham (Brainerd High School)

  • Lisa Blakely (Big Ridge Elementary) and Genise Fletcher (Tyner Academy)

  • Magan Lampard (Wolftever Creek Elementary) and Sue Williamson (STEM School)

  • Mary Manning, Drew Akins and James Stone (Red Bank High School)

  • Matthew Craig (Red Bank Middle and High School)

  • Mendi Catlett (Harrison Elementary)

  • Olivia Bagby (Red Bank High School)

  • Sara Durst (East Lake Elementary)

  • Sara Southard (Harrison Elementary)

  • Shannon Seigle (STEM School)

  • Shela Brazeale (Central High School)

  • Tara Tharp (Signal Mountain Middle/High School)

  • Ty Campbell (Ooltewah Middle School) and Kelly Davis (CSAS)

Teacherpreneur Testimonials